At Indea Group, our commitment is to be a sustainable company, creating economic, environmental, and social value in the short and long term. Our objective is to contribute to the well-being and progress of present and future generations in our overall environment.

Sustainability started with the commitment of top management to assume certain values, which are respected by all activities of Indea Group. We have taken steps and created a solid foundation, moving towards a process of differentiation and distinction.

Indea Group includes social and environmental concerns in its ethical code in its commercial operations and relationships with its partners. The experience gained from investing in technologies and business practices that respect the environment suggests that, in addition to complying with all laws, we can increase our competitiveness, guarantee the protection of the environment, and enhance the social impact of our business activity.

La experiencia adquirida con la inversión en tecnologías y prácticas comerciales respetuosas con el medio ambiente sugiere, aparte de cumplir con todas las leyes, aumentar nuestra competitividad, y al mismo tiempo que se garantice la protección del medio ambiente y se ponga en valor el impacto social de nuestra actividad empresarial.

We are committed to sustainability as a key factor in promoting the growth of our group.

Committed to the environment

Indea Group's business policy is based on its commitments aimed at meeting the needs, concerns, and expectations of all its stakeholder groups. With regard to the environmental field, this is reflected in the commitment to environmental protection in order to achieve environmental neutrality.

To reinforce its commitment to the environment, its Integrated Management System highlights the principles by which the Group operates in this field:


To promote environmental awareness and consciousness among the entire human team of the organization.


To involve all its collaborators (partners and suppliers) in the commitments made with the client and the environment, through the creation of cooperation links and long-term environmental commitments.

requisitos legales

To comply with the legal requirements applicable to its activities and products, as well as other commitments voluntarily undertaken by the organization in terms of quality, environment, and safety.

proteger el medioambiente

To protect the environment, promote pollution prevention, and minimize the negative impacts generated by its activities on the environment through the development of a Guide of Good Environmental Practices.

comunicacion de requisitos

Communicate its environmental requirements to its external collaborators, and implement an operational control system for the most significant environmental aspects.


Establishment of Environmental Objectives and Goals.

Environmental management and performance

Energy efficiency

In Indea Group's constant concern for reducing energy consumption, it has implemented several initiatives aimed at energy saving and efficiency. In addition, photovoltaic panels have been installed to achieve cleaner and more sustainable energy. The estimated project is expected to result in an energy saving of 216,467 KWh/year for the organization through self-consumption, and an excess energy of 37,480 KWh/year to be fed back into the electrical grid.

Circular economy, waste prevention and management

Efficient and effective waste management is a fundamental part of Indea Group's commitment to the environment and the circular economy. To achieve this, it has developed a Guide to Good Environmental Practices aimed at the personnel working for the organization. The Guide establishes measures to protect the environment

Sustainable use of resources

One of the objectives of Indea Group is sustainability and therefore the responsible use of resources, especially water, raw materials, and energy. Although water consumption is not part of the production processes and material aspects for the Group, it tries to make responsible use of this resource, both in offices and production plants. The entire water consumption is carried out through the network supply.

Climate Change

Indea Group keeps an annual record of its direct emissions derived from fuels and indirect emissions derived from electricity consumption in all Group companies in Spain and Morocco.

Regarding pollution and emissions reduction goals, Indea Group has embraced the objectives established in the European Green Deal. These guidelines establish the directions to transform the EU into a resource-efficient and competitive economy. The aim is to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% from current levels by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Fondo Nacional de Eficiencia Energética.
Segunda convocatoria del programa de ayudas para actuaciones
de eficiencia energética en PYME y gran empresa del sector industrial.
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