Injection molding


The most efficient CAD/CAM systems (such as Catia, Unigraphics, Tebis, etc.) in combination with a proprietary library of standardized and parameterized components are used for the comprehensive development of mold design based entirely on 3D assemblies.

It is this working system that allows us to advance in machining and simulation procedures, which provide us with maximum reliability and productivity.


The design based on standardization and parametrization under a 3D assembly is the perfect starting point to achieve our reliability and productivity goals.

Cutting-edge CAM tools enable the optimization of resources and processes, and the attainment of established objectives thanks to the integration of machining technologies such as 3+2, 2 and a half axes, automatic tool change, or advanced simulation.

Indea's manufacturing workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as 5-axis milling machines, deep drilling, dual-head electro-erosion, or high-tonnage mold adjustment presses, which make it possible to optimize and provide reliability to our internal production processes.

The artisan finishing carried out by specialists in fitting and polishing brings the touch of excellence to our products.

Mold Repair

We offer comprehensive solutions that cover everything from the total development of the piece, management of the mold manufacturing project, industrialization and injection of parts, to the repair and maintenance of molds with the utmost commitment to quality throughout the production process.